Looking to Make a Move

I'm in the process of looking for a better job, my own place, and beginning school again. Wow that was a mouthful, so how am I gonna be able to do all that? Throughout my life I've kind of gone pass overachiever straight to obsessive compulsive. I mean somehow I manage to have too much on my plate and love every minute of it. It's accured to me that the fewer things I have to do, the fewer thing I actually accomplish. Now have I confused you? I'm one part busy body one part couch potato. :) Now here's the point- the last several months I've been sitting around waiting for my life to start, and now I am getting the itch to put on my track shoes again. Not that I plan on any running, but they are comfortable and stylish. So, if you hear less of my thoughts within the next few months, don't feel sad just try and catch me on the flip side. Peace.

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